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Batch Prep & Batch Maker || $18.00 || Day Shift || Boise, ID

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Career Opportunities & Dignity given Freely at Capital Employment Group! We are hiring in Boise, ID a Batch Prep & Batch Maker. This is a career position with an absolutely great company!

Summary: The job of a production crew member is to measure, blend, and deliver product in accordance to the schedule in a timely and accurate manner all the while adhering to all company safety policies.

 Perks & Benefits

  • 401k and Profit-Sharing Plan
  • Vacation: 2 – 4 weeks per year
  • Health, Vison & Dental – No Employee Cost
  • Established and Growing


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Specific responsibilities:

  1.  Maintain a safe and clean work place
  2. Perform area specific tasks with direction from production supervisor
  3. Safely and diligently operate equipment and hand tools
  4. Mix and weigh all batches in accordance to batch sheets
  5. Provide feedback to production supervisor, lab, and planning to assist in maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of the production department
  6. Insure full compliance with Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs)
  7. Be timely and always act in the best interest of the company
  8. Be precise and careful when handling and reporting inventory
  9. Always act in the best interest of the company

Performance Measures

  1. Ability to work on a team
  2. Ability to follow and execute directions from production supervisor
  3. Be on time and ready to work
  4. Be respectful of others
  5. Always show up with a good attitude and clear mind
  6. Try your best
  7. Learn from your mistakes

Capital Employment Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Your personal information and your safety are always our #1 priority.

Feel free to create a profile at: or call our office to schedule your interview TODAY! 208. 991. 1001

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